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Arta Raituma

Nucleus II

Nucleus II

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Size: 40x40 cm

Material: Burnt plywood

Artist: Arta Raituma

Category: Classics & Abstract

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"Nucleus II" is a unique work of art created by a master using the technique of "Fire-burned Plywood Art". The artwork is done on a wooden base and measures 40 x 40 cm, making it a compact and stylish decoration for your interior.

The "Fire-burned Plywood Art" technique involves using fire to burn the surface of the wood, creating unique textures and shades. In this piece, an abstract compositional landscape is depicted using deep dark tones that form a central core, or "nucleus", at the center of the composition. The fire-burned plywood gives the artwork a special structure and depth, creating an interesting visual effect.

"Nucleus II" evokes diverse emotions in the viewer. The dark tones and abstract forms in the artwork may create a sense of mystery, intrigue, and enigma, prompting the viewer to reflect on possible meanings and ideas encapsulated in the "nucleus". The abstract nature of the work also leaves room for creative interpretation by the viewer, allowing everyone to find their own meaning and emotional perception in it.

The artwork "Nucleus II" can become a centerpiece in your interior, adding mystery, uniqueness, and originality to it. It can also be an interesting gift for lovers of abstract art who appreciate unusual and original pieces. Let this artwork become the "nucleus" of your interior decor and evoke exciting emotions and reflections in you.

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