• Social transformation

    Making the world better through art

  • Universalization

    Bring art to everyone

  • Education

    Educate people about art


1) Considering art as a way of improvind human beings' reflections on themselves and the world around then, we believe it is necessary to support initiatives in the world of art, in favor of artists and the public, bringing them closer together.

2) Taking into account the socioeconomic disparities, which often divide and disunite, marginalizing people in the world of arts, we aim to present arts to all audiences, regardless of social classes or any other factors.

3) As a factor of cultural expression, art allows for personal and social development. In this way, we seek to educate people, especially those who work in the arts market, such as artists, curators, gallery owners and collectors.

Vision of the brand

We believe that the Menu das Artes will be an open door for artists in the early stages of their careers. We will connect these artists to corporate structures, so that artistic production will be brought to more people, making it possible for artists to achieve stability in their careers.

In addition, we will be a platform through which people seek works of art, both for their added value and for the idea that these acquisitions mean a contribution and stimulus to artistic production, as one of the most sublime human manifestations.