Vernissage Veronika Blyzniuchenko 🇺🇦 🇵🇹

My name is Veronika Blyzniuchenko. I was born in Ukraine, in the city of Kharkiv. I have a degree in art history. After the outbreak of the full-scar war in my homeland, I moved to Portugal, where I live and work now.

I am constantly searching for beauty and aesthetics, and I find them in everything around me. But it wasn’t always like that. Over the years, I have found inspiration within myself, and my works resulted from a complex process of finding a motif and transforming it. From the first days of living in Portugal, this has changed radically. Now everything that happens to me as an artist comes from outside. Fabulous nature, pictorial architecture, and gradations of blue, which prevail in my paintings, surround me here at every turn. The purity of color which plays a special role in my art now became even more important. I no longer have to reinvent color - now it is enough to express it.

I feel perfect harmony with myself and the world around me. This fact is the main source of my inspiration. The tiniest details like a smell of a blossoming tree in the garden or a bird enjoying the morning sun and unaware that it has become a muse inspire me to create new works. Therefore, it is quite logical that nature and animals, often fantasy ones, are at the heart of my art. The main characters in many paintings are birds, and only in few works a human appears. Usually, it is a collective idealized image.

I don’t consider myself an artist who communicates with society through my works. But each viewer can form a personal impression and immerse into my imaginary, sometimes fairy-tale world, so far from reality. I create windows into a fictional world and invite you to look through them.

I guess that my art attracts because each person looking at my pieces, has space for reflection and fantasy, for associations and drawing parallels with his own worldview. My art satisfies the need to unravel the mystery and encourages viewers to create their own stories in the context of what they see.