• Newton Whitehurst de Castro

    Founder of Menu das Artes. Marchand and investor in works of art for over 19 years. Organized more than 100 (one hundred) successful exhibitions in different locations around the world.

  • Paulo Ciola de Castro

    Associate of Menu das Artes. CEO. Lawyer and organizer of art exhibitions, working with curatorship and administration of all operations.

  • Deise Couto

    Administrative and financial management. Responsible for the control and management of the collection of works of art, as well as for the financial accounting of investments in art.

  • Líria Machado

    Specialist in social media and audiovisual production. Responsible for the development of strategies in social media, and also for the production of audiovisual materials.

  • Egle Tenikyte

    Professional photograph. Takes care of the images of works of art, their presentation to the public, as well as dealing with issues related to social media and the curatorship of exhibitions in different environments.

  • Leandro Candido

    Administrative and operations assistant. It supports the entire MDA team and partners, enabling us to take art to different locations, performing installations, shipping and assisting in the complex logistics that involve working with art.