Art Exhibition: From wheat to storm - Berlin

Since the month of February 2022 the work of many Ukrainian artists has undergone a transformation and acquired a new purpose, which is perfectly understandable since artists are very empathetic and always respond sensitively to external circumstances. Each artist expresses this differently, giving it different visual forms.

The Exhibition "Ukraine - From Wheat to Storm" Ukrainian artists will exhibit their works on the theme war and freedom. Some will present their works "before" and "after" the conflict, so that visitors can see and feel for themselves how the events of the last several months have affected their creativity.

The Event was organized with the support of curators Newton Whitehurst de Castro and Paulo Ciola de Castro, in collaboration with "Art for Ukraine" - a solidarity initiative created by two Ukrainians residing in Portugal, Anastasiya Molchanova and Kateryna Savchenko Oliveira.