Arta Raituma

Welcome to the world of artist Arta Raituma, who embodies unique energy and passion for art, and each of her works is a true masterpiece.

As you explore our store page featuring Arta Raituma's artwork, you will immediately be immersed in the amazing world of her creativity. Her artworks are unconventional and captivating, filled with vibrant colors, astonishing details, and original ideas. Her paintings embody courage and artistic freedom, capturing attention and evoking strong emotions. She fearlessly experiments with various styles and techniques, ranging from bold and expressive abstractism to elegant and detailed realism, creating unique artworks that catch the eye and evoke admiration.

For example, she specializes in crafting her artwork using the original "Fire-burned Plywood Art" technique, which involves working on a wooden surface. The "Fire-burned Plywood Art" technique produces a distinctive outcome by scorching the wood surface, resulting in a striking visual effect. Her artwork showcases a remarkable interplay of richly textured shades and subdued, warm color tones.

If you're looking for a unique work of art that will bring you pleasure and become a magnificent decoration for your interior, Arta Raituma's works are the perfect choice. Her creativity will captivate your heart and leave unforgettable impressions. Don't miss the opportunity to acquire a piece of art from this talented artist and add uniqueness and individuality to your life!

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  • Biography

    Arta Raituma (1996) is a multidisciplinary artist from Latvia. In her practice she is focusing on the exploration of the sublime in nature and liminal states as well as creative placemaking through engaging with communities and investigating relationships between natural and urban environments. The core medium of Raituma’s daily practice is wood-burning often combined with painting and organic materials serving as complementary parts of the overall installation. Additionally, documentary photography and performance are applied to create a concurrent narrative.

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