We make it possible for investors to enter the universe of the arts, through the construction, management and negotiation of the collection of works of plastic arts. In addition to making a contribution to society in general, being part of the Menu das Artes is an intelligent way to diversify investments.

We serve two categories of art investors: standard and gold. At standard, we work with initial values between 2,000.00 and 10,000.00 euros; while at Gold (which enables the acquisition of the Gold Visa in Portugal), the values and requirements are diverse.


    Menu das Artes Advisor will provide an art investment consultation free of charge to establish your budget, outline your preferences, including your risk appetite, and answer any questions you may have.

    Menu das Artes Advisor will prepare a bespoke investment proposal comprised of works that are most likely to achieve your investment goals, keep you up to date with art market news and performance, and inform you of new opportunities that will complement your existing portfolio.

    When you have started building your art portfolio, you can choose whether to have the artwork hung at home or in the office. Alternatively, we can arrange processing in our gallery.

    Menu das Artes Advisor will get in touch when it is a good time to sell your artwork based on current market trends, demand for individual artists and recent sales. Once you have agreed to sell, Menu das Artes will market the artwork at the agreed price.


Newton Whitehurst

Experience in entrepreneur, trade, business development, sales, investments and project management. Consultant in the plastic arts market curated art exhibitions and montages for 20 years. Direct customer service. Excelente results in management and sales.

Become an Art Investor

What amount can I invest?

Currently, standard investors can start with an amount between €2,000.00 and €10,000.00, with the intention that they follow the evolution of their assets by analyzing the monthly reports that will be sent to them. Thus, if there is an intention to invest more, investors will do so with more knowledge of the market and with more confidence that their art business is being well managed.

How long should I keep my investments?

Considering the peculiarities of this market and the search for better results, the contractual term is five years. However, it is possible to withdraw investments, in amounts available or in pieces from the collection, after two years, counting from the signing of the contract between the investor and Menu das Artes.

How are services provided by Menu das Artes charged?

For the collection construction, management and commercialization services, the Menu das Artes is remunerated by two types of commission: 10% (ten percent) on the acquisition of works and 10% (ten percent) on the sale of works. With regard to purchases, it should be noted that the Menu das Artes wins purchases at prices below market averages, either due to the knowledge of its dealer regarding the moment of purchase and other peculiarities, or even due to his influence with artists, gallerists, collectors and art dealers in general. As for sales, the commission is justified by the fact that Menu das Artes has been working in the arts investment market for two decades and has the specialty of obtaining the best possible negotiation conditions for negotiations related to arts.

How will my collection be built?

The Menu das Artes, always present at plastic arts events and exhibitions, continuously checks for good possibilities for acquiring art items, so that over time works will be acquired that will make up the collection. The custody and deposit of the works is the responsibility of the Menu das Artes and will be located in a place that will also allow its constant exposure to potential buyers of these works.

How can I monitor the evolution of my assets and investments?

Monthly, Menu das Artes will send you a complete report, which will contain all the data regarding the composition of your collection and investments, such as: available value; value projection of the collection; acquired works and corresponding amounts; projection of sales value for each work, accompanied by the justification for this; images and complete information of the works; resume summary and contact details of the artist of the works; receipts for the purchase and sale of works; and other information that may be relevant.

In addition, it will be possible for the investor to follow, eventually, through various media sources, exhibitions of his collection in various exhibitions, as in exhibitions held in different countries, the name of the investor who owns the collection, who appears as a collaborator of the global artistic scene. , enjoying this privileged social position in the universe of appreciators and investors in the world of the arts.

Get in touch with us for more information about art investment and become a successful investor in the art world.