Alice Vilhena

Alice Vilhena's artwork welcomes you to an incredible world of art, created by a talented and inspiring artist.

Alice Vilhena works in a unique style that combines elements of abstraction, fantasy, and realism. Her artwork is characterized by its originality and depth of emotions that she conveys through her art. She uses a diverse range of artistic materials and techniques, skillfully playing with colors, light, and shadows, creating stunning visual effects and giving her works a unique artistic signature.

The hallmark of Alice Vilhena's style is the emotional depth of her works, the symbolic significance of each piece, and the skillful use of textures and forms. Her paintings often depict abstract imagery blended with realistic elements, creating a unique visual impression. She also experiments with various color palettes, ranging from vibrant and saturated to soft and pastel tones, adding a special charm and harmony to her artworks.

Paintings by Alice Vilhena are suitable for various interiors and styles, whether it's modern, classical, or eclectic. They will become a magnificent decoration for your home, office, or studio, and emphasize your individuality and artistic taste. All of her works are distinguished by a unique style and a passion for art, making them special and valuable for collectors and art enthusiasts. You can also order a personalized piece of art created specifically for you, making it even more unique and special.

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  • Biography

    Alice Vilhena was born in Lins, São Paulo, in 1969, but moved to Jundiaí at a young age. She graduated in Fine Arts from Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas and in Illustration from Panamericana School of Art in São Paulo. With approximately 40 years of career, she has participated in over 80 collective and solo exhibitions, and her works have been featured in numerous art and illustration catalogs in books.

    She has also exhibited in various countries, including the United States, France, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Austria, Argentina, among others. Inspired by surrealism and Op Art, she is always seeking artistic challenges. She has a strong affinity for drawing, allowing her the freedom to create forms and colors that emphasize volumes and figures, giving the viewer a sense of three-dimensionality.

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