Elzara Oiseau

Elzara Oiseau is an artist who uses various techniques in her artworks to demonstrate critical views of the world and her personal experiences.


Marcos Oriá

Painting - Illustration - Writing

Marcos Oriá is an acomplished visual artist who also has a passion for writing children stories. He combines his talents to create paintings, illustrations and heartwarming books.
Marcos has presented and sold his works across multiple countries.


Bruna Aciola

Painting - Mixed Media

Bruna is a mixed media painter that lives and works in Fortaleza, in Brasil.
Putting on the agenda themes such as memory and the body, Bruna explores nature and the feminine experience.
She participated in multiple exibitions such as "Costurando Enquanto o Tempo Cai (Casa Barão de Camocim, Fortaleza).


Alice Vilhena

Alice uses several techniques and presents us with the aesthetic perfection in her works, leading us to deep reflections on our most important questions and moments.